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Part 1: The Perfect Membership Marketing Plan

A successful membership marketing plan will vary from club to club based on your goals; the scope of your objectives; the number of initiatives you desire; and the number of people involved. But there are common elements that can help you craft an effective strategy.

Investing time to understand where your marketing plan is now and where you want it to go, will give you a positive start to hit the ground running for the upcoming season.

What are You Trying to Accomplish with your Marketing Plan?

When considering your membership marketing plan, you must have realistic and attainable goals and targets or it is doomed for failure or less than stellar results. Although you might have a general idea of the goals you want to achieve, writing them out can help put your thoughts into action. Setting goals, and putting them down on paper will give you a much clearer vision of what you need to do to accomplish them.

  • Do you have a set number of new members you need? 20? 30? 50?

  • Do you want to bring younger families into the club?

  • Are you attempting to introduce new membership categories or dues/initiation fee structures while also accomplishing new member growth?

Goals should be continuously created as you achieve a previous target; revised when appropriate to set up yourself for success; and re-prioritized based upon unseen factors that will naturally come and go.

Set Priorities and Organize Your Time

Are the activities that take up most of your time really moving you towards your goals? If not, it is time to set some priorities that support your goals, and make sure they get plenty of your time and attention.

  • Which goals do you need to start with?

  • What projects are coming up the pipeline?

  • When are the deadlines?

One of the hardest concepts to accept is that one person just can't do everything. You can't plan and brainstorm every good idea, no matter how good you are. Get a small team together to help create focused processes and resources for moving the membership marketing plan forward.

The Marketing Plan and Implementation Must be Well Supported

If you have designed this amazing and detailed marketing plan, but haven't shared it with your team and the membership of your club, then what's the point? For any marketing plan to succeed, there must be substantial support from the Membership Committee, Board of Directors and management team.

Also, the club's goals must be communicated to the membership in a way to creates awareness, prompts action and focuses on the goals and objectives. If they feel involved and excited, they'll want to support it.

However, the members will pick up on the enthusiasm, or lack thereof, if the club officials and the amount of “buy-in” from the respected leaders of the club will influence the success of any membership marketing plan. If the members feel as though there is support at all levels of the club, they will be much more apt to support and participate in the efforts and components of your marketing plan.

Knowing that the Membership Committee, Board of Directors, management team and members are aware, and supportive, will help everyone involved be held more accountable.

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If you would like assistance perfecting your current Membership Marketing Plan, or if you would like more information on how to design a plan for 2019 from scratch, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can start today.


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