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Align Your Goals With Your Purpose

Today, club leadership must have a developed and clear sense of purpose and goals when it comes to monitoring social/industry trends, membership feedback and, most importantly, membership levels. The setting of membership goals in combination with the purpose of the club gives all individuals involved in the marketing process a “blueprint” that will help to guide the decision making process.

Many private club members have become desensitized regarding their role in marketing their club. There is seldom a newsletter from a private club that does not ask for the members to help in introducing prospective members to the club. The reality is, we are dealing with a conditioned society. By constantly discussing membership growth, without a structured and specific offering, members tend to not take the message seriously.

At each of our Board Workshops and Town Hall Meetings, club members consistently agree that they should play a key role in sustaining the membership growth of their club. However, few members have truly recruited a prospective member to join the club in some time. The challenge is for clubs to be creative in how they motivate current members to become involved in this critically important process.

Too many members have become conditioned to constantly put their own needs and desires ahead of those of “their club,” which ultimately leads to conflict and negative consequences. Those members that truly appreciate the relationship they have with their club will become more active in making sure the club is successful.

It is critical to educate your members to their responsibility of being a “participating” member of your club. Members should have a sense of pride in their club and an awareness that they do have a vested interest in the success of their club.

A membership base that understands the relationship between a member and their responsibility in helping maintain a strong membership base is the difference between a successful club and one that is not successful in accomplishing their goals.

Membership Marketing, Recruitment and Retention are what Creative Golf Marketing thrives on. If you need assistance in setting goals, developing a game plan, and executing it to achieve success, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can start planning today.


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