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"Membership Marketing Firm of the Year" - Excellence in Achievement Award for 2020

Manhattan, KS – Creative Golf Marketing, the industry leader in providing membership and marketing services to the private club industry, has been named a 2020 BoardRoom Magazine “Excellence in Achievement” award winner for Membership Marketing Firm of the Year. This represents the firm’s 19th year of attaining this title out of the 21 years the award has been given out.

The BoardRoom Magazine Award Winners are selected by a panel of industry peers and experts, based on their overall excellence in their respective fields, achievements, innovation, vision for future growth and continued impact on private club operations.

Steve Graves, President/Founder, says of the award, “This industry is blessed with remarkably talented individuals and companies whose sole mission it is to help private clubs succeed and we are incredibly thankful to be recognized for this prestigious award.” Graves goes on to say, “We feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that we remain passionate about why we do what we do and have been able to serve our private club clients proudly for over 30 years.”

Creative Golf Marketing provides innovative solution-based marketing services with a strong focus on driving new member growth, which results in bottom line revenue growth for their private club clients. The marketing agency offers a comprehensive menu of services including Marketing Collateral Development, Membership Marketing Planning, Social Media and Digital Marketing Plan Development and Board Workshops. Creative Golf Marketing worked with over 50 private clubs in 2020, generating over $75,000,000 in first year dues and initiation fee revenue for their clients.

Contact Information: Steve Graves – President/Founder, Creative Golf Marketing 206 Southwind Place, Suite 2A | Manhattan, KS 66503 | 800-526-8794


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