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Experience the ‘Before and After’ Effect Now

This time of year is when we will read about all of the resolutions we should be making and how this is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. It’s good to have goals, no matter what size they are. Unfortunately, some goals are harder to attain (or keep) than others. This article isn’t about that exactly. The experience we’re going to highlight is the ‘before and after effect’ that we all experience after a goal or project is completed.

A good before and after story always resonates with those who have put off a task or project for a while (maybe even last year’s club resolution). We’ve all read some amazing stories of clubs who have completed such a perfect before and after, where it is even highlighted and written up in a number of publications, including this one.

When it comes to accomplishing your goals or a project, there is always something standing in your way. Excuses can range from: not having enough time; not having the financial resources; not knowing how to accomplish the task; not having enough staff or resources; or just the general disdain to jump in and tackle such a task. Therefore, we become used to our daily routine and become satisfied with what we have in front of us every day.

Every club across the United States has at least one of the following scenarios:

  • “Our Board of Directors is not aware of the best practices of the industry and how to use that information to benefit the club.”

  • “Our membership classifications have been set for the past 10 years and don’t reflect the upcoming generation of new prospective members.”

  • “Our membership isn’t engaged and willing to invite their friends.”

  • “Our marketing collaterals and website don’t tell our story and echo the brand and prestige of our club.”

  • “Our club hasn’t realized the importance of technology and utilizing it to our best interests.”

Each of these questions might stir up some dread or uneasiness. These may have been talking points for months, but no one has been willing to think of the benefits. We focus the vast majority of our thinking on implementing, administrating, and executing all of the steps involved and forget about the extraordinary joy and pride of accomplishment afterwards. This thinking should be reversed and focused on the absolute joy of and pride of accomplishment.

Afterwards, we surpass the worries that commonly preoccupied our opposition and feel a sense of pride, elation or, albeit shortly, serenity in our accomplishment. Forget about that next task for a bit (cause we know there’s always another project waiting) and acknowledge that you have enhanced your club to the next level.

Now, here comes the tough part though. Once you cross the finish line on one goal, the ‘before and after effect’ is no longer is there to motivate you. We commonly start to think about all the work that will be needed for the next important task; where we find ourselves reverting to the previous thinking of the difficult of the dreaded implementation efforts necessary to accomplish the goal.

We said that we weren’t going to talk about goals, specifically, and what each club might be struggling with. And we’re not. We’re here to remind each member of the clubs’ leadership of their responsibility of raising the club to a higher and higher standard. We’re here to focus on the “jubilation” each of us experiences afterwards. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will experience the power of the ‘before and after effect.’ Now is the time to push forward.

Membership Marketing, Recruitment and Retention are what Creative Golf Marketing thrives on. If you need assistance in setting goals, developing a game plan, and executing it to achieve success, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can start planning today.


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