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Yes, You Really Need to Know Those Answers

Member surveys are an important element when reviewing your marketing efforts and are valuable for a number of reasons. They allow you to collect important feedback from your members, make improvements to your club (thus boosting engagement and retention), and at the most basic level, show your members you genuinely care about their thoughts and enjoyment of the overall club experience.

Below is an actual response from our New Member survey conducted for one of our 2019 private club clients:

Question: As a new Member, do you have any additional suggestions or comments that will assist us in providing a quality, private club experience for our Members?

We absolutely enjoy the club thus far. Only three points otherwise.

  1. Use capital funds wisely! Since joining, we have heard from multiple families that XYZ Country Club, a competitor, has done wonderful upgrades to their club facilities. It was also mentioned that dues are cheaper. These next few years (through '24) seem pivotal to staying competitive.

  2. It was indicated during our application period that there is a focus on families and family events. Based on our brief membership since, it seems that there should be more space and activity options for families, especially kids (through high school). The pool is a fantastic place for kids to go, but with that area closed nearly nine months of the year, we don't see much reason or opportunity for families to visit the club (minus the golfers, of course).

  3. We did not enjoy the latest newsletter that explained labor and maintenance issues with a hint at dues increases. We have these issues at our jobs and at home. The club is an escape from that, and monthly dues and fees are significant and expected to cover equipment malfunctions, etc. without our knowledge. While it was very politely framed and we understand the challenges, that should stay within the board. Thank you very much.

Without diving into the actual content above, which is an absolute gold mine for the club, recognize the fact that supportive members can provide valuable feedback in a constructive manner.  This particular new member has done a great job of offering a valid critique in a positive manner.   Relying on member input is critical to the Club’s overall mission with regard to uncovering innovative ideas, creative solutions to existing challenges and modifying various operational processes to help the club prosper. 

If you aren’t surveying your members every year, both new and long-time, you should be! There are several services out there (Survey Monkey, Typeform, and Survey Gizmo just to name a few) that allow you to perform surveys and tabulate the results at little to no cost.

If you would like assistance perfecting your own membership survey or are curious which questions are the most important to ask, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can help.


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