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"The Talent to Make Your Club Shine"

I have worked with the Creative Golf Marketing team for the past 16 months and have nothing but positive things to say. Originally, we contracted Creative Golf Marketing for the 2016 season and were so pleased with their professionalism, product and most importantly the results, that the Lochmoor Club has extended that commitment to include the 2017 season.

With Creative Golf Marketing we received a marketing plan tailored specifically to the club's demographics, their needs and growth goals. The Creative Golf Marketing team developed coordinating collateral materials that included letters to the membership, application documents, online brochures, clubhouse display posters and multiple sequentially timed emails that were perfected executed allowing the membership department to focus on developing the relationship with the prospective member.

Creative Golf Marketing is the equivalent to having a PR firm at your fingertips. They excel understanding the club's image and creating the promotional materials that represent that image. The attention to detail and rapid response to any request makes them a pleasure to work with. Simply put, they have a talent for making your club shine! I thoroughly enjoy working with Steve and his team as they are a true and valuable asset to membership development.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Creative Golf Marketing. Their dedication and knowledge of the private club industry will be a beneficial addition to your club's membership development goals.

Anita Marini, MCMP Membership Services Director Lochmoor Club Past President, PCMA


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