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Testimonial - Fargo Country Club

Simply put, hiring Creative Golf Marketing may be one of the best decisions this club has ever made.

After 10 straight years of net membership loss, new management felt it was time to do something different. After careful due diligence, we brought in Creative Golf Marketing to spearhead a season-long membership campaign.

The results were phenomenal…

  • 68 New Members

  • $208,000 in Initiation Fees (which is great for our small market)

  • An increase of over $100,000 in annual Net Dues

  • A decrease of attrition by 50%

  • An average of $70,000 yearly savings in future certificate redemption

Over the next 8 years, Creative Golf Marketing’s impact on Fargo Country Club will exceed $2 million.

Michael Charest, General Manager

Fargo Country Club


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