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SUCCESS STORY - Overlake Golf & Country Club

To Whom It May Concern,

Having been blessed to be in the private club industry for over 30 years, it is rare that I have seen a product or service come along that changes our game. Creative Golf Marketing's ALI is just such a product. I have been working with the ALI since the initial beta testing and the information provided has dramatically improved how we attract and retain members.

Just since we started using the product, our membership price has increased from $36,000 up to $100,000 and our attrition rate has dropped from 11% down to 4%.

Specifically, we use the metrics to identify our most engaged and least engaged members and work with that data to address the needs and satisfaction of both segments. Being able to identify member patterns and trends on a monthly basis is now a fully integrated part of our business model and I can’t imagine being committed to success in the club industry without the data one needs to address member usage and engagement at their club.

My Board holds me to a very high standard of data and information integrity—not to mention ROI calculations for any new endeavor—and the modest cost of implementing the ALI is a no-brainer and pays for itself many times over every month.

Congratulations to Creative Golf Marketing President Steve Graves and Director of Retention/Trends Tom Coburn, PGA, for bringing this tool to market and I hope that my fellow club executives adopt the ALI to improve their member engagement and lower their attrition rates. The aggregate tide of member satisfaction floats all of our club boats.


Marcus King, PGA, CCM, CCE

General Manager

Overlake Golf & Country Club

If you would like additional information regarding our ALI (Activity Level Indicator) monthly reports and membership retention, or how to identify your own ‘at risk’ members, please call AJ Redeztke at (800) 526-8794 or by email at At Creative Golf Marketing, our goal has always been to provide the guidance and solutions to reinvigorate, promote and market the private club industry.


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