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Rethinking Guest Green Fees when Prospects Play

One of the best ways for golfing members to introduce the club to friends and business associates who might join, is through an invitation to play golf. Conversely, notes membership marketing specialist Steve Graves, one of the best ways to have members not invite prospects is to overcharge them for that privilege.

"Charging exorbitant guest green fees is counter intuitive and counterproductive to the request you have made of the members, " Graves tells club leaders who continually urge members to bring in new members. Graves believes the guest green fees should be used as a benefit of being a member and not as a profit center of the club.

"Quit gouging the members with ridiculously high green fees when they want to introduce their club to their friends," Graves declares. Instead of charging guest green fees, which can range from $75 to $125, "make it reasonable and they will bring more guests." He suggests a $25 to $50 fee. Graves emphasizes the green fee reduction should apply only when members accompany their guests.


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