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Reducing Resignations

A member resignation often makes club executives cringe. Losing a member, for whatever reason, has a negative impact on the club’s financials and places an additional burden on the club to replace that member. Creative Golf Marketing urges its club clients to establish a resignation policy which requires a written request for resignation to be received from members a minimum of three months in advance.

“Allowing members to just resign at the drop of a hat was acceptable when club rosters and waiting lists were full. But today that’s rarely the case and clubs deserve a reasonable amount of notice by the resigning member,” explained Steve Graves of Creative Golf Marketing. He suggests resigning members across all categories be obligated to a minimum three month resignation period. That gives the club the forewarning to recruit and replace that member and provides a cooling off period where the club has the opportunity to determine and rectify any issues or concerns the resigning member may have.

Graves believes resignations should be irrevocable after the 90 day period and if the member desires to return to the club at a later date, another intitation fee would be required. “Resigning from a club should be viewed seriously by both parties and with consequences for the resigning member. By implementing this resignation notice period, you will have fewer members believing they can simply jump out and jump back in to club membership, which is often a common occurrence at private clubs these days,” he concluded.

If you would like additional information regarding our ALI (Activity Level Indicator) monthly reports and membership retention, or how to identify your own ‘at risk’ members, please call AJ Redeztke at (800) 526-8794 or by email at At Creative Golf Marketing, our goal has always been to provide the guidance and solutions to reinvigorate, promote and market the private club industry.


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