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Ranking Your Members' Engagement Online

Members know what Facebook is. They know what LinkedIn is. They know or have heard of most of the rest of social media website and apps. But their knowledge, and more importantly, their strategic view of it is probably very limited.

One very important aspect of social media and increasing engagement is explaining to your members how sharing club information (not from a private group) on social media can make for a stronger tie between your members and the club.

Utilizing different methods of communications (email, newsletter, club posters or flyers), clubs can inform their members of a new social media campaign and encourage their engagement with the club’s page and posts.

There are many ways that a member can interact with your page, posts and sponsored ads and enhance the reach of those posts with only a few clicks – such as ‘liking,’ sharing, tagging and commenting on club’s posts. Below is a simple way to highlight the different options available to your members when it comes to sharing and engaging with their clubs social media posts.

  1. Club leadership and members ‘like’ and follow the club’s company page.

  2. See above and include: ‘liking’ the content and communications the club has posted.

  3. See above and include: interacting with the club’s page by sharing posts, images and videos on their own news feeds.

  4. See above and: add another interaction with club’s posts, images and events by commenting and the post and sharing positive club experiences you have experienced.

  5. See above and: add further interaction by tagging friends or family (non-members) and referencing an event they attended together or tagging a friend who might be interested in the post, “Hey Mark, these pictures are from the member guest. You’re my partner next year!”

Can you imagine if each of your members would be following your page, ‘liking’ a post, sharing it to their page, commenting on it and mentioning a non-member friend or family member?!?! It is very powerful and a free way to connect with your members even more. This can be a subtle strategy to also identify some of your club’s true ‘ambassadors.’

If you would like additional information regarding your own member's online engagement with your social media channels, or if you would like more information on starting your own social media campaigns, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can start today.


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