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Fun and Creative Social Media Posts to Engage Your Members

All the time, but especially during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order, it is important to keep your members engaged in the club. Luckily, we live in a digital age; making it easy to stay connected. We have compiled several ideas that clubs can utilize on social media to keep their members interacting with the club.

While physical facilities are closed, there has been an extraordinary shift to virtual connection. This new reality creates a “club without walls” - the idea that private clubs can keep their members engaged and connected without having them physically at the club. This new focus on digital engagement has created a new focus on connection and will lead to a monumental shift within the private club industry moving forward. Clubs can literally become an extension of the home and provide enormous value beyond the club’s walls.

As an added line of communication for members who are not active on social media, you may even want to attempt to send some of your social media/ engagement content out via email as well.

We hope this compiled list is a helpful resource to keep your members engaged!

Social Media Engagement

  • Tag a friend you miss from the club.

  • Post constant updates/photos of the club.

  • Share a picture from your favorite memory at the club.

  • Drop a GIF that describes how excited you’ll be to get back to the club.

  • Have members share their favorite memories of the club.

  • Throw back Thursdays.

  • Share your favorite inspirational quotes.

  • What’s getting you through this time.

  • Share what you are doing from home.

  • What would your dream course play be?

  • Netflix “What shows are you watching?”

  • Match up members for old-school pen pals or email pen pals.

  • Share an event idea poll.

  • Poll questions “Did Carole Baskin kill her husband?”

  • Pictures of Quarantine (or bad) hairdos.

  • “Can you guess which staff members baby picture this is?”

  • Use Instagram/FB live.

  • Do behind the scenes tours.

  • Updates on the Course.

  • Updates of the Club.

  • Flowers being in bloom.

  • What workers/staff are doing from home.

  • Event planning.

  • Sneak Peaks.

Facebook and Instagram Live

  • Use Instagram/FB live

  • Do live drawings for gift baskets or free golf when the club opens

  • Do behind the scenes tours

  • Updates on the Course

  • Updates of the Club

  • Flowers being in bloom

  • What workers/staff are doing from home

  • Event planning

  • Sneak Peaks

  • Step by step cooking

  • Step by step cocktails

  • Share staff secret talents

  • Staff spotlights can be done live as well, engage members

Social Media Games

  • Use emoji’s to tell a story.

  • What hole is this on the golf course?

  • Which Pro Golfer is this? Give several clues.

  • Provide kid coloring pages for download.

  • Provide adult coloring pages for download.

  • Provide a crossword for download.

  • Club Bingo with specific club activities.

  • Post a blank template and have members screenshot, mark and post their answers!

Club Updates

Although members aren’t able to be at the club, giving them constant updates will help keep them connected. Now is the time to show members the fun side of the club! It may even get them more excited about getting back to the club if they see posts about the flowers in bloom, or the golf course fully green now.

  • We’re here for you, we miss you, we need our members

  • Did you know? - Fun club facts

  • Spotlight employees/birthdays

  • Post images of course maintenance, “Keeping the lawn cut and ready for you!”

  • Members from home using virtual classes

  • List birthdays/anniversaries - weekly - You could even deliver small cakes to those members.

  • "Full House” type videos

  • Pictures and menus of Take-Out orders

Zoom Options

Zoom is a great tool to take advantage of during these times. Zoom allows your members to engage with other members and staff, while still practicing social distancing. Offering options such as happy hour, fitness classes and bingo will keep members entertained and using the club outside of the walls!

  • Morning Coffee

  • Happy Hour

  • Club bingo

  • Workout class (yoga, HIIT, etc)

  • Members Only (without club staff)

  • Virtual Club Tour

  • Virtual Night of Magic

  • Virtual Comedy


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