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"Dear Club, I Quit." - Not so fast my friend!

Resigning from a private club is a very serious proposition for both parties involved. Club leadership needs to be aware of the desire of the current member to leave/resign from the club. A resignation from the club has a significant effect on two club Committees:

  1. The Membership Committee needs to be given a satisfactory amount of time to replace the resigning member. Of equal importance is the need for the Membership Committee to become aware of the reasons for which the resigning member desires to leave the club. The Finance Committee needs to be aware of the financial aspects associated with the loss of a current member of the club.

  2. This will have a direct and negative impact with regard to the dues loss and spending associated with a member leaving the club. Though no club welcomes resignations with a smile and open arms, this modeling can also be a positive through the initiation fee, monthly dues and additional spending generated by a more enthusiastic new member who is replacing the resigned member.

The resignation policy for a number of private clubs is simply, "submit your resignation in writing and your resignation will be official on the first of the month following the next Board meeting." When private clubs were all full, with a waiting list, this expeditious concept for leaving a club made sense.  That is no longer the case at the vast majority of private clubs and all private clubs deserve appropriate notice in preparation for the loss of a member.

Utilizing a “free market” concept of allowing for a member to resign, there must be a logical and reasonable amount of “notice” being given to the club by the resigning member. We recommend that resigning members, in all membership categories, shall be obligated to a minimum 3 month resignation period. Also, we recommend a 30 day ‘cooling off’ period to give the club and member a chance to rectify any issues/concerns for which a resigning member may have.

Also, any resignation should be "irrevocable" and should the member desire to return to the club, they shall be obligated to pay another initiation fee. Resigning from a private club should be viewed very seriously, by both parties, and with consequences by the resigning member. By implementing this resignation notice period, you will have less people feeling as though they can simply 'jump out and jump back in' as it pertains to quitting your club.  A common occurrence at this time in our industry.

If you have questions about your own resignation policy and how to reduce the number of resignations each year, please click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can provide you with best-practices and effective strategies and recommendations.

Below you will find an example of an optimal letter of resignation to be incorporated at your club.

XYZ Country Club Membership Resignation

I, _________________, am submitting my membership resignation from XXX Country Club as of ________________.  I understand, per the club by-laws, I am providing a 3 month notice and I am obligated to pay applicable monthly dues, fees and charges during this 3 month period.

My 3 month period shall begin on the 1st day of the month following my submission of resignation and approval by the Board of Directors.

I also understand that my membership resignation is irrevocable unless, within the first month of my resignation period, I inform the club of my desire to rescind my resignation.

My membership resignation shall become official on the final day of my minimum 3 month resignation period as long as I am current in all of my financial obligations to the club.

Should I desire to rejoin the club, after my 3 month resignation period, I understand I shall be obligated to re-apply for membership and, if approved for membership, pay the then prevailing initiation fee for the membership category for which I have applied.

Member Name:__________________________ Member Signature:_______________________

Club Official:____________________________ Official Signature:________________________



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