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CMAA Webinar - What is the Future for Membership Sales and Retention

Our industry is settling into a new normal. It's time we revisit the foundations of membership recruitment, retention and engagement, and what that means in this new environment.

As we look into the crystal ball of the future of the club industry, are we in a buyers' or seller's market? Creative Golf Marketing successfully assisted the club industry after the crisis of September 11 and the Recession of 2008. Steve Graves and AJ Redetzke, Principals of Creative Golf Marketing, look forward to sharing their insights as to comprehensive strategies you can implement at your club to navigate the choppy waters in which all private clubs find themselves today.

To listen to the CMAA Webinar please Click Here.

Membership Marketing, Recruitment and Retention are what Creative Golf Marketing thrives on. If you need assistance in setting goals, developing a game plan, and executing it to achieve success, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can start planning today.


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