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CGM's Steve Graves on Membership Retention

In this episode, we’re joined by Steve Graves, President of Creative Golf Marketing. Steve discusses their Activity Level Indicator (ALI) software platform to help your club with membership retention and identifying those members close to resigning from the club.

You'll learn all about it and how you can get a special offer.

All Members Are Not Created Equally

To make a material impact on the number of resignations you receive each year, club leadership must be making data-driven decisions when it comes to monitoring attrition, designing a successful membership retention campaign and communicating the best message to the correct member every time. 

The Activity Level Indicator (ALI) was designed to do just this. ALI examines the usage patterns of each member and utilizes predictive analysis to identify members whose engagement levels are trending away from the club.

  • Identify At-Risk Members

  • Increase Member Engagement

  • Lower Attrition Rates

  • Increase Club Spending

  • Enhance the Private Club Experience

Clubs now have fact-based data to immediately implement retention plans to help retain these at risk members before they resign.


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