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"Building Our Membership From Our Membership!"

Over the past two years, Talbot Country Club has engaged Creative Golf Marketing for membership development and we are very proud of the successful results. In addition to bringing in over 100 new members over two years, our relationship with Creative Golf Marketing has also breathed new life into the overall atmosphere at Talbot Country Club.

Members have taken a vested interest into the new members and membership retention is a refocused priority. Ideas for new events and ways to engage all members are being discussed on an ongoing basis.

Retaining the services of Creative Golf Marketing did not start and stop with the membership initiatives. Creative Golf Marketing has been ready and available to offer their professional advice and suggestions, which has been a definite added bonus we have received from our relationship with this industry leader.

Kelly Hall Business Manager Talbot Country Club

Membership Marketing and growing our client's membership is what Creative Golf Marketing thrives on. If you have similar goals, please Click here or call (800) 526-8794 and we can start planning today.


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